Alta Marfa

A Vineyard and Winery Estate in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

23. Please Come to Marfa and Plant Grape Vines!

Many of you have already told me you want to come help me plant grape vines. With planting only 5 months away, it's time to starting planning the event in detail. So here we go:

After you decide to come help and make your arrangements, please let me know what your plans are so I can plan for the appropriate number of people each day. Thanks

1) As I wrote in a previous post, the window for planting will be April 21-29, this is a Saturday to a Sunday. On Sunday the 29th there will be no work done; that will be a day to pack up and travel back home.

2) Saturday the 28th will be the last day of work; in the evening there will be a celebration dinner to thank everyone for their help and to celebrate our accomplishment.

3) Each day of planting, water and sandwich will be provided for lunch.

4) If you want to come for the whole week, you will be greatly appreciated; if you want to come for only a day or two you will still be greatly appreciated! If you want to come for the whole week, but take a day or two for yourself and go see some art in Marfa or visit Big Bend National Park, this is also a fine idea. I just ask that you let me know ahead of time which days you plan to help out, that way I can plan accordingly.

5) If there is interest, I plan on renting a large van and driving from Houston to Marfa for the event, if you are interested in riding in the van please let me know.

6) The closest airports are Midland and El Paso which are each about 3 hours from Marfa. Here is a link to a google map showing the vineyard site. 

7) Physically putting the vines in the ground is not the only way to help. If you don't feel up to playing in the dirt, we will need people to make sandwiches and organize water, cheer-lead, etc. So feel free to opt out of physical labor if you aren't up to it. 

8) Options for accommodation:

A) One option for accommodation is renting an AirBnb in either Marfa or Fort Davis. If you are interested in sharing a large AirBnB with other planters please let me know and I will help facilitate.

B) El Cosmico - A hip campground in Marfa. Also has vintage Airstream trailers, tee-pees, yurts and safari tents for rent. Take advantage of their hot showers, wifi and complimentary coffee. I am looking into the possibility of group rates.

C) St. George Hotel - upscale hotel in Marfa.

D) Hotel Paisano - historic hotel in Marfa, where the cast of Giant stayed during filming. 

E) Thunderbird Hotel - Hip roadside motel.

F) There are also hotels in Fort Davis, which is actually quite a bit closer to the vineyard site than Marfa. I personally choose to stay in Marfa because I find the town fun, but Fort Davis is also a good option. 

G) Anyone is welcome to bring their own camping gear and camp at the vineyard. There will be porta-potties, but no showers yet.

9) Recommendations for other fun things to do in and around Marfa:

A) Visit Big Bend National Park

B) Go to a Star Party at McDonald Observatory

C) Visit Prada Marfa

D) Visit the Chinati Foundation