Alta Marfa

A Vineyard and Winery Estate in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

14. Planting Announcement!!!!

Come to Alta Marfa and help plant vines April 21-29, 2018!!!!!!!!!!

Come help plant vines, like these ones that I planted on my roof!

Come help plant vines, like these ones that I planted on my roof!


About a year from now 7,250 Cabernet Sauvignon vines will be delivered to the vineyard site and they need YOUR help to get situated in the ground. 

The following will be on the agenda:

  1. Plant 7,250 grape vines and officially breath life into the Alta Marfa Vineyard
  2. Meet lots of new friends
  3. Eat lots of delicious foods
  4. Explore Far West Texas (when are you ever going to get a chance to do this otherwise!)
  5. Drink lots of great wine. Duh!
  6. Do me a huge favor (thanks in advance)
  7. Have a once in a lifetime experience (you're welcome in advance)

Accommodations are available in Fort Davis, Marfa and camping is possible on the Alta Marfa property. Please email or call me if you are interested in coming out for the adventure. Obviously come out for all of the time or just part.


With only a year before planting there is still a lot to do:

  1. Drill a second water well
  2. Install well pumps and a water pipeline to the water storage tank
  3. Install a water storage tank for irrigation
  4. Build a deer fence around the vineyard site
  5. Install the drip irrigation system
  6. Figure out how to dig 7,250 holes
  7. Dig 7,250 holes

I will be making monthly posts with more information about the planting and giving updates as progress is made on this to-do list.