Alta Marfa

A Vineyard and Winery Estate in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

26. More than just Cabernet!

The final push has begun to get everything ready for planting before the end of April. About 75% of the area of the vineyard has been cleared and weed-wacked, and 1,000 vine holes have been drilled! (Thanks Chris! Only 5,000 more to go!) Also, progress is being made toward finishing the irrigation system, which will be 100% SOLAR POWERED!

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18. Holes...

Last weekend I tested out this Bobcat auger. I need to drill a hole roughly 9" wide and 10"-18" deep for each of the 7,250 vines to be planted in. The good news is that the auger powered through the rocky soil like a champ and was quite easy to control. The not-so-good news is that it is going to take foreeeeeeeever to drill all those holes. 

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17. I have officially driven a tractor...

(Ok, it wasn't technically a tractor) I was lucky enough to host Lynn Loomis and David Jalali, soil scientists from the USDA, at Alta Marfa for a second time recently, when they returned to describe and analyze the deeper strata of the soil at the vineyard site.

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